Certification in PCB Designing Professional

          Course Code: CEP Duration: 45 Hours

PCB basics

  1. Definition
  2. Types Of PCB
  3. Steps Involved In PCB Design
  4. Fabrication Process
  5. Through Hole Technology
  6. Surface Mount Technology
  7. Etching Process
  1. Active Components
  2. Passive Components
  3. Components Arrangement In PCB
  1. Getting Start With Software
  2. Learn about different tools
  3. Learn about design preparation
  4. Building simple schematics
  5. Building multiple page schematics

Basic modules and layouts

  1. Assigning refference designator(annotation)
  2. Design rules checking(drc)
  3. Creation bill of material for design
  4. Creation of pdf documentation of design
  1. Introduction to parts/symbol library
  2. Accessing to default library
  3. Creating parts & library
  4. Preparing the design for layout(netlist)
  1. Learn about design preparation(linrary/footprints)
  2. Creation of footprint s for dip and smd devices
  3. Defining parameter of board
  4. Net listing /logic import from schematic to pcb
  5. Components placement

Routing & File Handling

  1. Introduction to manual routing
  2. Introduction to different parameter of perfect routing
  3. Finishing of routing
  4. Checking the status of routing
  1. Assigning specific text to design
  2. Creating report of design
  3. Creating manufacturing data for design
  4. creating pdf documentation of design
  1. key factor for routing power track
  2. Reducing crosstaik effect
  3. Reducing emi effect