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Embedded Wireless

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ZigBee based Wireless Sensing Platform for Monitoring Agriculture Environment
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An intelligent Traffic light Monitoring System Using RFID and ZigBee
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Android Application Based Speed Control of DC Motor
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Authorized Entry Management System using RFID and Fingerprint
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Automatic Ration Material Distributions Based on GSM and RFID Technology
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Automatic sign Board Extraction and Accident Intimation System using GSM and GPS
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Autonomous Maritime Security for Fisherman Boat Using GPS Data System by RF Transceiver
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Bar code Based Courier Mailbox System using GSM and ZigBee
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Bomb Detection and Intimation System using GSM and GPS
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Industrial Pollution Monitoring And Controlling System Using Matlab And GSM
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Smart Door Access Using Embedded System and Android
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GPS Based Electricity Bill Payment Power Theft Analysis Systems Using ZigBee Technology
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Voice Enabled Speed and Direction Control Of Dc Motor
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Android Meets Led Bulbs In Smart Home Automation
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RFID Based Trolley for super market automation
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Involuntary station name display with GSM alerting system for passengers in railways
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Development of web enabled embedded system for home appliance with password protection
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Industrial appliance operating and controlling system via ECC algorithm
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Micro-controller based bank locker security system with voice reporting
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Experimental Identification of Thrust Dynamics for a Multi-Rotor Helicopter

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